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addiction has stolen
another brilliant mind
another valuable life:
one full of beauty
& worth.
addiction has thrown another
dreamer, lover
brother, father,
son, friend
into the depths
& darkness
of despair
& loneliness
& desperation
snatching with its claws,
talons in deep
and thrusting
another being
full of beauty
into the well
of death.
– a poem by Louise Warren (2.2.14)
Philip Seymour Hoffman did not die at a party, laughing &  smiling & having fun with his friends & family. He died alone, on his bathroom floor, in his underwear with 23 years of sobriety behind him & a needle in his arm.
Addiction is not a party.
It is a lonely cold bathroom floor.
It is hell.
It is death.
The life of an actively using addict is void of hope & of colour. It is void of music & …of dancing. I know, for I was there for 20 years. Addiction is a demon that breeds loneliness and isolation. Addiction cultivates death.
This has really hit me, the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. It has saddened me to the core. My heart is heavy. Not because he was a celebrity, but because he was a human being & a fellow addict who was suffocated by his own demons, the demons of addiction. A beautiful, brilliant human being who seemingly had it all. One who, like millions of others that Sunday morning, did not have to die alone, die at all.
This is a tragic and glaring reminder that none of us are safe from addiction. Addiction does not care if we are famous, rich, pretty, popular… addiction likes everyone.
We are all one drink, one drug, one blink, one breath away from death.
We must act.
We must choose to live.
We must choose recovery.
We must choose  sobriety.
We must fight for our lives no matter what, whatever it takes.
There is a solution. There is hope. There are chairs waiting…
Louise Warren (2.3.14)
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